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Environmentally Friendly Glass Cleaners

Choosing environmentally friendly glass cleaners does not mean choosing between clean surfaces and natural products – you can have it all.

Here is what the big cleaning companies won’t tell you from their mega factories: there is a way to create environmentally friendly glass cleaning products that work and do not damage the environment. Green Care is proof that window cleaning products do not need to contain harsh, environmentally unstable ingredients to get your windows and mirrors in tip top condition.

Conventional window cleaning products are designed to eliminate bacteria and unsightly marks – but leave little room for the environment. While conventional window cleaning products are effective on germs and bacteria, they also pose health risks for pets, loved ones, and the environment as they wash down your windows and into the nearest drain.

Chemically based cleaning products can cause a long list of short-term health complications such as headaches, dizziness, and itchy skin. Some of the most popular window cleaning products on the market have also been known to contain damaging carcinogens and neurotoxins that wreak havoc on the human body.

Keeping widows and mirrors clean does not need to be a balancing act between killing germs and replacing them with poison and allergens. With Green Care, you will benefit from the cleaning effects of non-natural cleaning products, without the potentially harmful side effects.

Ready to take one small step for your windows and one giant leap for the environmental? Green Care environmentally friendly glass cleaners are stocked exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse. Head in store this weekend, grab a snag and all of your Green Care natural cleaning needs.


Why Should I Choose Green Care Natural Glass Cleaners?

Because you can!

Don’t settle for routine or habit, it’s time to take a step outside of the normal and into environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Green Care are proud to offer a better alternative to conventional cleaning products. With us, not only will you get high-quality, powerful cleaning solutions, but you can also feel good about your environmental footprint.

Green Care natural window cleaning products have been scientifically formulated to harness the power of plant-based enzymes and natural ingredients to provide instant cleaning results. With 48 hours continuous cleaning* technology, you can be sure that your windows will stay clean and free from harmful germs and bacteria for longer than most cleaning agents on the market.

What’s more, the Green Care window cleaning range has been designed to be people and pet friendly – so you won’t have to stress when your four-legged friends have their noses pressed against your windows as they watch you come home with even more Green Care cleaning products. Green Care products are low in allergens, pH neutral** and suitable for use around both people and pets.


Natural Window & Glass Cleaner Products FAQ

Ready to dispel the myths of environmentally friendly cleaning products? So are we! Here are some of the most common questions that the Green Care team receives around our natural cleaning products.


What Are the Key Benefits of Choosing Natural Window Cleaning Products?

The main benefit of choosing natural window cleaning products is that you will enjoy the same effect as conventional cleaners, without posing a health risk for those in the home or office. We believe that one of the most overlooked benefits of choosing natural cleaning agents is the health benefits of those in the home or office.

Choosing a natural, non-chemical window cleaning product means that you are actively reducing the impact that your home has on the environment and ensuring that our waterways are not filled with toxic chemicals.

While it may seem small, every great change started with a single step. Selecting Green Care means treading the path less travelled and doing something that you can feel good about.


Do Green Care Cleaning Products Contain Soap?

No! The Green Care cleaning range has been scientifically developed to clean without the use of conventional soap agents.

It’s time to rethink what you know about cleaning – because soap is not an essential ingredient in keeping your windows clear and clean. Often, soap residue will generate static electricity which actually increases the build-up of dirt and bacteria over time.

Choosing a soap free window cleaning product means that your surface will stay cleaner than it would with many of the traditional window cleaning products.


Are Chemical-Free Cleaners Better for My Health?

Yes, chemical free, natural window cleaning products dramatically reduce the number of carcinogens and neurotoxins that enter your home through non-natural cleaning solutions. The entire Green Care range has developed with plant-based enzymes that are safe for your home and office, while also delivering outstanding cleaning results.


Is the Green Care Range Vegan?

Yes! We are proud to have developed a natural, vegan friendly window cleaning solution that you can feel good about.


How Long Do Green Care Products Last For?

Green Care window cleaning products have a shelf life of two years from the date of purchase. But for the sake of your windows, we really hope that they don’t last that long!

As a rule of thumb, Green Care window cleaning products do not require and more cleaning solution than what you would normally use for a traditional, chemical-based window cleaning solution.


*Independent laboratory testing against market-leading products- September 2020
**Our floor cleaner, surface spray, multi-purpose cleaner, and drain cleaner are pH neutral.