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Environmentally Friendly Disinfectant Surface Spray

Green Care’s range of eco-friendly disinfectant surface spray products are proof that you can really have it all. With Green Care, you won’t have to choose between clean, germ free surfaces and effective surface cleaners.

Here is what the big cleaning companies won’t tell you – you do not need to use strong, toxic chemicals to keep your surfaces free of germs, bacteria, and other nasties. There is a natural way to create natural, eco-friendly surface cleaners that work and do not damage the environment.

Conventional surface cleaners are designed to eliminate germs and bacteria – but have little regard for the environment or the inhabitants of your home or office. While conventional surface cleaning products are effective on bacteria and germs, they also pose significant health risks for your loved ones and your pets.

Chemical cleaning products can cause a long list of respiratory and short-term health problems such as wheeziness, headaches, dizziness, and itchy skin. In fact, some of the most popular surface cleaners in Australia have been known to use damaging carcinogens and neurotoxins that wreak havoc on the human body.

Your surfaces may be clean – but at what cost? With Green Care, keeping surfaces squeaky clean does not need to be a balancing act. Choosing our surface cleaners means that you will benefit from the cleaning effects of non-natural cleaning products – without the other nasties.

It’s time to take one small step for the environment, and one giant leap for your domestic cleaning. Green Care eco eco-friendly disinfectant surface spray products are stocked exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse. Head to your nearest store this weekend to grab a backyard project and all of your Green Care natural cleaning needs.


Why Should I Switch to Eco Surface Cleaner Products?

Quite simply – because you can!

Gone are the days of filling your trolley with cheap and harmful chemicals – with Green Care, there is finally a better way to tackle your home and office cleaning. We are proud to offer a better alternative to conventional, chemically laced cleaning products. With us, you won’t need to choose between keeping your surfaces clean and reducing your environmental footprint – you can have the best of both worlds.

The Green Care range of environmentally friendly disinfectant surface spray products have been carefully formulated to harness the power of plant-based enzymes and natural ingredients to provide long-lasting cleaning results. Thanks to our 48-hour continuous cleaning* technology, you will be able to enjoy germ and bacteria free surfaces for longer than most cleaning products on the market.

Furthermore, the Green Care range of surface cleaning products have been engineered to be people and pet safe – so you will never have to stress about what your four-legged friends are up to when you’re not around. Our products are naturally low in allergens and pH neutral** which makes them suitable for use around both people and pets.


Eco Friendly Disinfectant Surface Spray FAQs

Wondering what it means to take your cleaning green? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Here are some of the most common questions fielded by our product development team.


Do Green Care Surface Cleaners Contain Soap?

No, Green Care surface cleaning products do not contain soap. Our entire range has been carefully designed to deliver superior cleaning results – without the need for conventional soap.

It’s time to rethink what it means to keep your surfaces clean. Contrary to popular opinion, soap is not an essential cleaning agent for surfaces. In many cases, soap residue will generate static electricity which will actually increase the build-up of bacteria and dirt in the long run.

Choosing soap free cleaning products means that your surface will stay cleaner than many conventional, soap-based cleaning products.


Will Chemical-Free Cleaning Products Improve My Health?

Chemical-free surface cleaning products will notably reduce the number of carcinogens and neurotoxins that enter your home through non-natural cleaning solutions – with can only be a good thing!

The Green Care natural surface cleaning range has been developed using plant-based enzymes that are safe for use in your home and your office, while not compromising on their cleaning efficacy.


Are Green Care Products Vegan?

Yes – Green Care surface cleaning products (and the entire range for that matter) has been developed to be 100% vegan. Choosing Green Care means that you can feel good about the environment and your ethical stance.


How Long Should My Natural Surface Cleaner Last For?

All Green Care surface cleaning products come with a shelf life of two years from the date of purchase. But for the sake of your home, office – or wherever else you choose to take our natural surface cleaners, we sincerely hope that they don’t last you that long!


Do I Need to Use More Than Non-Natural Surface Cleaners?

No! Choosing natural does not mean that you will need to use more surface cleaning agent to get the same effect as non-natural cleaners. In many cases, Green Care surface cleaning products can be used in lower concentration than conventional cleaners due to the focussed formulation.


*Independent laboratory testing against market-leading products- September 2020
**Our floor cleaner, surface spray, multi-purpose cleaner, and drain cleaner are pH neutral.