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Biodegradable Bathroom Products

Available exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse, Green Care provide a range of enzyme-based cleaning products with 48 hours of continuous cleaning* power. The organic bath and shower cleaning products are formulated with scientifically proven plant-based enzymes and natural ingredients that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The bath and shower cleaners contain a concentrated enzyme formula that safely breaks down grime, dirt and other hard water deposits from porcelain and bathroom surfaces. Plant-based enzymes kill bacteria and cut through dirt, leaving your bath, shower and bathroom surfaces sparkling clean. Once applied, the biodegradable products will remove odours, leaving your bathroom smelling fresh without any lingering chemicals.

We’re so confident that you’ll love our eco shower and bath cleaning products that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all Green Care products.


Why Choose Green Care?

Australian Owned, Green Care came together as we endeavoured to provide a cleaning product range that is safe and environmentally responsible. Not only was it paramount for the range to offer high-quality, powerful cleaning products, but it also had to provide an affordable and accessible option for Australian businesses. And so, Green Care was born!

The Green Care formulation is scientifically proven to leverage plant-based enzymes and natural ingredients to provide instant results. With 48 hours continuous cleaning* technology, we are pleased to offer all of this within the entire Green Care range, including our biodegradable bathroom cleaning products.

The Green Care bathroom range was designed to be people-friendly, pet friendly, and surface friendly. Unlike other green products, you won’t find any disclaimers on the back of your Green Care bottle to test our product on an inconspicuous area or not to use on porous surfaces. Green Care products are low in allergens, pH neutral** and suitable for use around both people and pets.


Green Care Natural Bath & Shower Cleaning FAQ


What Do Enzymes in Cleaning Products Do?

Enzymes work by digesting fats, oils, greases, and other soils and converting them directly into hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, which are then dispersed into the air. Using an enzyme-based cleaner, microscopic proteins get in between cracks, crevices and hard to reach areas to break down dirt, stains, and odours, until these particles are entirely eradicated, all without the harsh chemicals typically found in bathroom cleaners.

The additional benefit of having the right combinations of enzymes in bath and shower cleaning products is that the enzymes will continue to work after being applied to surfaces. Green Care’s enzyme-based products are formulated to be incorporated into the water at low concentration levels, making them environmentally safe. All regulated components of our enzymes and bathroom products have been rigorously tested for human safety, biodegradability, and aquatic safety.


What Are the Benefits of Choosing Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products?

Green Care has designed a range of powerful bath and shower cleaning products that are environmentally responsible and biodegradable. Trusted by Australian homes, businesses and professionals, our organic bathroom products are backed by science and developed without bleach, chlorine, or harsh traditional cleaning ingredients. The benefits of choosing Green Care for your bath or shower include:

  • 1. Better For Your Health

Green cleaning products do not contain any hazardous chemicals, posing fewer health risks to those in the immediate environment. As all products are developed with plant-based enzymes, the Green Care bath and shower products are safe for use around pets and children too.

  • 2. Less Chemicals Harming the Environment

Not only are organic bathroom cleaning products better for your health, but they are better for the environment. The biodegradable elements of Green Care’s products mean that you can safely use our eco shower cleaner or bath cleaner products with confidence, knowing that the breakdown of bacteria is not going to cause any harm to the environment.

  • 3. More Powerful Clean

Despite what we’ve been taught over the years, eco-friendly and biodegradable bathroom cleaning products will provide a more powerful clean when compared to harsh chemicals. Our plant-based enzyme formulated products remove the dirt, bacteria, grime, lime, and odours, rather than merely masking odours with harsh chemicals. What’s more, the Green Care range provides 48 hours of continuous cleaning* properties once applied to surfaces.


Don’t You Need Soap to Clean Bathrooms?

Despite traditional cleaning methods, soap is not an ingredient that is required to leave your bath or shower clean. In fact, soap residue generates static electricity, which attracts the build-up of dirt.

As such, the benefit of using a soap-free cleaning product is that surfaces cleaned will look, feel, and smell cleaner, as there is no residue left behind to attract dirt. Green Care products are entirely soap-free, so you can continue cleaning with our natural shower and bath cleaners with confidence.


Are the Shower & Bath Cleaners Vegan Friendly?

Yes, the entire Green Care range, including our bath and shower cleaners, is vegan friendly.


Are These Products Marine and Septic Safe?

You bet! All of the bathroom and eco shower cleaning products in the Green Care range are both marine and septic safe.


What Can I Use the Green Care Bath and Shower Products for?

Our range of bathroom cleaning products are designed and developed for use on bath, shower, sink and tile surfaces.


How Long Do Green Care Products Last?

The shelf life for Green Care products is two years from the date of manufacture.


*Independent laboratory testing against market-leading products- September 2020
**Our floor cleaner, surface spray, multi-purpose cleaner, and drain cleaner are pH neutral.