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Green Care’s Non-Chemical Floor Cleaners

Green Care have formulated a range of cleaning solutions that utilise plant-based enzymes to provide effective, powerful results. Our collection of floor cleaning products cut through dirt, grime, filmy residue, and bacteria, to leave each space sparkling clean and smelling fresh. To be used across kitchen floors, tiles, lino, concrete, wooden floors, dining areas, bathrooms, walls, patios and entryways, the Green Care floor cleaning products are ammonia, chlorine, and soap free.

Our 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly enzyme-based floor cleaner products effortlessly cut through the grime on your floor’s surface without the use of harsh chemicals. Safe for use on any surface (including wood), you can have peace of mind knowing that the gentle formula is safe for all pets and children.


Choosing Green Care for Biodegradable Floor Cleaning

Green Care is an Australian owned and operated cleaning product company that is focused solely on providing clean, green, and accessible products to Australian homes and businesses. The Green Care range was first developed after the realisation that the Australian market lacked a provider of natural, biodegradable cleaning products that were both safe for people, and for the environment.

Not only did we make it our mission to provide a collection of cleaning solutions that excelled all toxic alternatives, but the products also had to be both affordable and available to the average Australian family. And so, Green Care Australia was born.

Choosing Green Care as your go-to natural, organic floor cleaner means relying on a scientifically proven solution that is better for your floor, your health, and the environment. The formula leverages plant-based enzymes and natural ingredients to provide a powerful clean all without the nasty chemicals that are often used in cleaning and floor disinfectant products. Safe for any surface, including wood, we’re confident that once you choose Green Care’s eco floor cleaner products, you’ll never go back to off-the-shelf chemicals again.


Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Use the Green Care Biodegradable Floor Cleaners?

Using the Green Care range of eco floor cleaners is easy. Dilute 40mL of the solution in 4 litres of water (ratio 1:100). You can then mop the floor, leaving a thin film of water across the surface and allow the solution to dry. The Green Care organic floor cleaning products will continue to break down grease, bacteria and dirt and increase slip resistance over a 48-hour period after application.

Our floor cleaning products are safe for use on kitchen floors, tiles, lino, concrete, wooden floors, dining areas, bathrooms, walls, patios, and entryways. Our biodegradable floor cleaning products should not be mixed with any other cleaning products of chemicals.


Are the Floor Cleaning Products Safe Around Children and Pets?

Yes – absolutely. While conventional floor cleaners and disinfectants contain strong chemicals and ingredients to kill bacteria, Green Care’s floor cleaning range is designed to provide a more powerful clean without posing health risks to pets, loved ones, and the surrounding environment.


What’s the Benefit of Using a Non-Toxic Floor Cleaner?

The benefit of choosing Green Care for cleaning means that rather than relying on harsh chemicals to kill bacteria and leave your house smelling like an airport bathroom at 5am, your floors are being cleaned with scientifically proven plant-based enzymes.

Regular, off-the-shelf cleaning products may contain harmful ingredients that can cause headaches, dizziness, and itchy skin upon exposure. Even some of Australia’s most recognised cleaning products contain hazardous carcinogens and neurotoxins that can be extremely harmful to users. Admittedly, chemical-ridden floor cleaning products provide a strong barrier against germs and bacteria. However, they are more likely to impose health risks upon loved ones, pets, and the environment.

Disinfecting your floor surfaces does not have to be a momentous task akin to fumigating your home. In fact, using a non-toxic, chemical-free, natural floor cleaner like Green Care can provide a just-as-effective (if not more) clean. What’s more, using Green Care means that you’re not releasing toxic fumes into the atmosphere. You can continue cleaning all floor surfaces safe in the knowledge that you’re protecting your family and the environment.


Is The Green Care Floor Cleaning Range Vegan Friendly?

You bet! We are proud to have designed a natural, vegan friendly cleaning range that benefits both your floor, and the environment. Our non-chemical floor cleaners are entirely vegan friendly, and palm oil and ammonia free.


How Long Do Green Care Floor Cleaning Products Last?

Our products have a shelf life of two years from the date of manufacture. Whether or not your Green Care products will make it to two years depends on your day-to-day cleaning regiment. As a rule of thumb, Green Care products do not require any more cleaning solution than you would normally use for a non-natural toilet cleaning counterpart.


*Independent laboratory testing against market-leading products- September 2020
**Our floor cleaner, surface spray, multi-purpose cleaner, and drain cleaner are pH neutral.