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Green Care F.A.Q


Q: Where can I purchase Green Care?

A: You can purchase Green Care from Bunnings Warehouse.

Q: Is Green Care and Australian Brand?

A: Yes! Green Care is an Australian brand packed in Sydney NSW.

Q: Where is Green Care made?

A: Green Care contains a plant based enzyme concentrate that is made in the US which is then blended and packed in our manufacturing facility in Australia.

Q: Is It safe to use green care?

A: Yes! We have no disclaimers on back of pack to test product on an inconspicuous area or not to use on porous surfaces like other green products.
Suitable for use around humans and animals.

Q: How does the product clean for 48 hours?

A: Green Care products are a range of natural enzyme-based cleaning products. The enzymes in these products continue the cleaning process after you have finished.
*Independent laboratory testing, against market leading products – Sept 2020.


Q: What do enzymes in cleaning products do?

A: Enzymes digest fats, oils, greases and many other soils and convert them into hydrogen, oxygen and carbon which disperse into the air, making them truly environmentally friendly. The benefit of having the right combinations of enzymes in a cleaning product is that they will not only clean any surface, but they also keep working after you clean. Our enzymes are formulated to be incorporated into water at very low concentration levels and are therefore environmentally safe. All regulated components of our enzymes have been rigorously tested for human safety, biodegradability and aquatic safety.

SOURCES: Understanding Enzyme Cleaners – Steven L. Tvedten, Enzyme Based Cleaners: Know The Science Behind Enzymes & Its Advantages – Rajesh Chhabda
*SORA Laboratories testing, Enzyme Wizard Time Lapsed Grease removal video

Q: Why is there no soap in your products?

A: Green Care products are soap free so leave no residue behind. Soap residue generates static electricity that attracts dirt. The benefit of using a “soap- free” cleaning product is that surface you clean will look and feel cleaner because no residue is left behind.


A: Yes, our Green Care range is vegan friendly.

Q: Is your product Natural?

A: Yes, our Green Care range is natural.

Q: Are your Products marine and septic safe?

A: Yes, our Green Care range is marine and septic safe.

Q: Are your Products Biodegradable?

A: Yes, our Green Care formulation is biodegradable.


A: The shelf life for Green Care products is 2 years from date of manufacture.

Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee

A: Yes! We are so confident that you will love Green Care. If you don’t, we offer a full money back guarantee. See our Terms and Conditions for more details